Toho Yogo

Toho Yogyo is a comprehensive non – woven roll manufacturer. Pioneer in the development of non-woven rolls.

Have been developing, designing and producing non-woven rolls since 1966. The rolls are used in the steel, aluminium, copper, brass and automotive industries for various applications such as squeezing, coating, cleaning, driving and braking, guiding, sealing, finishing, roller and heat resistant purposes.

Brush Roll

Having 2 material of the roll.

  • 66 Nylon : High bend recovery. Good for wiping and cleaning.
  •  Polypropylene : Good for descaling, but the end of the bristles are more easily torn.
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66D NON-TEX ROLL®, Wringer Roll (Oil Cut Roll)

Providing a variety of NON-TEX materials to meet customer’s requirements.The porous nature of the non-woven material allows rolls to be flexible, thereby our rolls have an excellent absorption/expellant effect.
*Similar to how a sponge absorbs the water.

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Optical Fluid Membrane Thickness Gauge

This simple, easy-to-use equipment allows you to measure the thickness of oil film applied on your product. (TOHO YOGYO’s patented product)

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