Scarfing Machine

Scarfing machine is used for treating surface defects of continuous cast slabs, square bloom or billets by utilizing the exothermic oxidation of oxygen and fuel gas. Besides removing flaws on material surfaces, the equipment can also remove decarburization layers or other impure substances produced on heated material surfaces so as to improve the quality and yield of the materials surfaces.

In face of increasingly higher quality

requirements, the conventional manual conditioning ways have already been incapable of satisfying the requirements for quality stability and efficient conditioning. Scarfing, the most economical conditioning way, can improve the quality of final products, realize efficient production, improve the harsh working environment of manual conditioning and eliminate the instability of manual conditioning, thereby ensuring the high quality of final products.

Characteristic introduction to each type of machines

Features/Type Square Billet(Ingot) Slab Width Range(mm) Thickness(mm) Four Side Cleaning Width Range(mm) Spot or Band Pass Scarfing
CM-58 . 102~420 51~420 . .
CM-71 . . 102~1091 64~548 . .
CM-90 . 548~2448 153~548 . .
CM-98 . 630~2520 125~420 . . .**
CM-99 . .
CM-69 . 397~2448 76~548 .

* Width range for reference, if you have any need, please contact us.
**When CM-98 Scarfing Machine is in use, scarfing units can be individually controlled to scarf as spot or band pass.

Statistics on sales volume of scarfing machines (Jusbio Trade)

Range/Type The World(Each) China(Each)
Scarfing Machine 80 14
Flame Cleaning Machine for square Billets 24 4

* As of June 2010