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KC-12 is a safe, strong rust remover, commonly used as fine finishing agents. Work piece on which rust has to be removed, is immersed in KC-12.

Nippon Mecha Chemical


K-200 is a good rust remover containing other effects such as degreasing, anticorrosion and sludge cleaning. Work piece on which rust has to be removed is immersed in K-200 or wipe cleaned using brush or rag.


W-2K is effective anti-corrosive additive solution for work piece. As it does not contain high viscous material, it is smooth like water therefore machine friendly.


Sludge and dirt gets accumulated on wire guide and other parts during continuous EDM processing. This leads to low accuracy and possibility of wire breakage, and influences product finishing. Mecha Sludge Cleaner helps to remove the sludge and dirt so formed.


Improve anti-corrosion. Minimize adhered segments formed during operation. Reduces foam formation and fluid contamination. Minimize blockage of diatomaceous earth filter.


CP-4000 is oil-based rust inhibitor for long term rust prevention (for at least 1 year)


Mecha Hibitor #60 is an effective anticorrosion oil based agent.


Mecha Forging M-3 is an effective water soluble stamping lubricant.


Descale # 2000 is used for Cooling Tower Pipe Lines. The cooling water contains minerals such as calcium and iron that may form scales and rusts and these may create flow blockage of pipe line. The cooling tower pipeline needs to be maintenance regularly.