Never seez



  • Wide temperature range from -183℃~ to 1,425℃
  • Superior various resistance Gas, Chemical, corrosion
  • Good sealing Good Adhesion for coating area
  • Not MoS2 Safety and high temperature

Advanced Materials

Never Seez are anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant formulated to protect metal parts against rust,corrosion and seizure.

Never Seez have been used for various applications and  by many customers in the world for a  long time

Regular Grade

All-around type can be used from -183℃ to 1,000℃

Nickel Grade

High temperature(1,425℃) and resistance for corrosion and chemical


Seizure and Mechanism of Never Seez

Seizure happen due to thermal expansion when bolts/nut are heated and friction heat when bolts/nut are tightened. Never Seez are composed of mineral oil and fine metals.By coating Never Seez,the coating area have the layer(film) of fine metals and the layer can protect bolt/nuts against seizure and galling.

Usage example


Coating method (In case of bolt)

Please coat by a third of the length of bolt and tighten nut. As fine metal of Never Seez have ductility, they spread into every comer.

Please check if Never Seez can be coated all over and coat the contact area between bolt and nut. If the contact area will not be coated, seizure may happen.

Usage example